Why Am I Silent?

My fellow countrymen are being killed on mere suspicion of possessing beef and for their very insignificant nearest identity.  no, killed is two low weighed word to represent the horror of a mob lynching. It shames me, creates fear inside and opens me to the ocean of sadness deep inside. But still, I choose not to speak against it, why?

I have tried to explain what stops me from reacting in my very nature of human being and bar me from stopping my own soul from dying.  ( I am not very  good with language but wish that will not make you judge the content without giving a reading)

  1.  Culture vs Terrorism:   I am a first generation member of your big town, I am also the first generation user of language English, smart phones, social websites and the internet. I have spent my childhood in a village where my day used to start with first Roti of Day to my Cow, the first color of Holi on feet of cow and first PUAA of festivals to Cow.  An animal which lives on left products of grain crops and oil seed crops but adding a large nutritious section to my meal within the form of a variety of dishes. Her dung being used to make cow dung cakes on which Food is cooked ( shit can never give the sense of Cow dung In Indian society). Now If in gratitude of having all these benefits from her and day to day relation if I say her mother or worship her then, in my opinion, this is very human, very kind, very soft and a very appreciable gesture. Do you know that in my village people even put something after cooking into CHULHA and even do some Puja? My society worships everything which benefits it, gratitude.                                                                                    But while the world is still trying to define terrorism, I have not an iota of doubt that any killing in the name of religion or belief is an act of terrorism. But rather than targeting the terrorists the so-called elite seculars, liberals decided to target the cow. rather than questioning the law and order and authorities responsible they decided to question my belief, my culture and abused my very polite and kind gesture for a beautiful animal. rather than mocking leaders they found it cool to mock the cow. like they will mock or question Kuran and Mohammad for the terror by Muslims. do you do that? I was asked most insensitive and foolish question by same great people like If a cow is a mother then who is the father? Every Hindu who believes the cow is a mother or God drinks Cow urine and his brain is filled with cow dung. I was mocked for my cultural religious beliefs. My dear elite, you targeted the wrong target. And now pain for innocent killing will die inside me because I don’t want to stand with you. And one more thing I have jumped trough generations and know to control emotions and an interest in the global world has changed a lot within me. But there are people who are generations behind and you have really hurt those innocent souls just for being innocent enough to call an animal mother on the name of mother earth. I will never stand behind you, If needed will wish that you just go away and then I may stand there for the exact same cause but not behind you or with you- few of you would be knowing the exact word for this very mental situation. And one more thing it’s I who have time for these things, most of the others ( 2nd generation big town boys)have a life.


  1. Propaganda vs Reality:   While there are few cases which look genuine hate crime but overall a lot of effort is on to show every violent death of a Muslim as communal. Six people were killed in Jharkhand on suspicion of kidnapping kids including three Muslim men, now same media which take ours to add terrorist to any genuine case by Islamic terrorists jump into moments to give it a communal color. yesterday a Muslim man was beaten for raping and killing an eight-year-old girl and in moment news of killing on suspicion of beef was spread by very respected media houses of Delhi. In UP, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Bihar any person can get killed for loving a girl outside his community. Son of Brahmins have been killed in Bihar to falling in love with the daughter of an  OBC leader but only if boy killed is Muslim it becomes a communal lynching while ” humare muhalle ke har gali me koi chhoora kutto ki tarah ishk me pitta hai”. The killing of cattle thief was also given communal color while ASSAMESE people were collectively celebrating the death of a Bangladeshi Muslim in police firing on social media, how will you explain that? overall, you just can not distinguish between a genuine case of hate crime and a real one because media is doing the job for what it is paid. A 17-year-old Pune boy burnt alive, a man tied to tree beaten to death in Karnataka just do not deserve equal weeping – please someone pays for that also.


3) Law, No Law, and Implementations:

There can be three situations – first if there is no law against cow slaughter in my state and  I am against cow slaughter and I want it to stop in my state. Then I will try to make a conscience and will try a law to be formed and implemented.

the second condition, if there is a law against cow slaughter in my state but the government does not implement it due to personal political agenda , in that condition democracy has failed me and I am a person with uncertainty. The government should immediately remove that Law and it should be left for people to decide again that they want it or not. Bihar voted against a stronger beef ban. But you can not be selective that we will implement this law and not this one.

The third condition is that government wishes to implement the law, then they should give assurance to people that government will act against cow slaughter and in a case of any such event, they should contact to police but if they will take law in hands there is a law against that also, which will be implemented strongly. If you wish to stop it by only implementing the law against Gaurakshaks then you are creating rebellion force – because they believe every Hindu thinks so and is equally sensitive towards their cause. Most of the Gawrkshaks are frauds but are able to operate only due to a genuine sense of support in cow protection. And If there is genuine sense against cow slaughter then I will prefer to act realistic rather than turning blind in my own desire of greatness.

4) Truth vs Appeasement:  When a Right Wing party wants kids to chat ”  BHARAT MATA KI JAY ”  after anti-national shouting in the most respected university in the nation then I don’t see any reason to turn it communal at that heated moment by giving “knife on the neck” and issuing a fatwa against same. But our elite decided to question the concept of the motherland and need to say ” BHARAT MATA KI JAI”. In those few days, a lot of things changed in India because fatwa on ” Bharat mata ki Jai ” was a household news but very few of them will know that they are ready to say “JAi Hind” and Rightly so “Bharat Mata was never a Hindu or Muslim. Your side was visible along with everyone who was getting the very first moment to prove greatness by mocking the concept of Bharat Mata.

If right wing worked hard to spread that Aurangzeb was a butcher of Hindu but then it was Maulanas on TV shows who given destination to that anger and hate by shouting ” Aurangjeb Humara Hero hai”

Demolition of Babri Mosque was an act against law of land and culprits should be punished but a mosque can be shifted and whatever significance that mosque might have for them that land holds no importance for them, but you are not giving it to Hindus. you want them to prove that Ram Lord was born there, you wish to deal with any other piece of land. building a mosque there is nothing more than a desire to spit on the face of Hindus and I ensure you that I can kill and can get Killed for Ram temple at Ramjanmbhumi even though I don’t believe RAM was a god because you are just challenging my very existence and pride and more you will ask me to prove that Ram was born there, the color of my blood will turn more saffron. For me it’s purely a war of self-respect, you can name anything.

Muslims are mocking ladies for wearing sarees, doing Yoga and putting a Bindi but no one is focused on the mindset which making them hate their own culture but everyone desperate to know the source of reflection. My dear Liberals and seculars, the source of a big share of hate from the Right wing is not within right wing, is just being reflected but only if you can see.  Only If you can see that how Madarssa chhaps are full religious superiority and how they are trying to prove it.dear Intellectuals liberals and seculars of great nation India, Bhismpitamah was the greatest man of Mahabharat but it’s RANCHHOD Krishna who is worshiped.

Dear Intellectuals, liberals, and seculars of great nation India, do you know Bhismpitamah was the greatest man of Mahabharat but it’s RANCHHOD Krishna who is worshiped.  Because Blind greatness of Individuals cause destruction. while you all want to be great, I am waiting for my Krishna. ( our intellectuals are idiots so want to clarify that greatness in present should not compare with vows of Bhismpitamah but what hold the present definition of great. A society thinks inside a closed Box of defined poles with one end representing greatness and changing structure of that Box has put many on fire)




A word of advice for political parties people were the supporter of Modi and a potential vote for you but rather than attacking   Government, policies and on failures, you all decided to attack the supporters now most of them share personal enmity with you. Now it’s their need to remain optimistic about Government to please their mind in the war against you(opposition). How to give permanent vote bank to a person? Indin leaders know the best.






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