Hinduism is not like any other religion as it does not give you any rigid  lines. It does not have fixed boundaries or something like code of conduct. It is very much like natural way of life very colorful and  flexible according to  demand of conditions for betterment of society. While this is a very beautiful characteristics it also becomes the biggest negative aspect in situations when people who hold respectable positions in Hindu society do not have scientific and rational thinking. Its amazing but it is only Religion which demands rational and scientific brain.

All religions have there theory about origin of universe and life but Hinduism has multiple theories, unlike one or few books Hinduism have huge number of scriptures. And this is because Hinduism is a process of continuous  spiritual research and like any other scientific phenomenon people defined it according to there understanding and situation around. Buddhism , Jainism , Sikhism are few paths came out from this process  and got recognition as different religions in present scenario.   And as people with diverse understanding are not studying it further the process has stopped and people are using it according to need to destroy this great combination of Art and Science. Its beauty has become an enemy of itself. Cast division, conversion and many unfortunate things are taking place by narrowing down its understanding.  As we lack quality brain among religiously active people and they are far away from soul of Hinduism, no one is there to stop the evil being spread by using this great heritage in wrong way.

Indian ancient history is rich with all fields of science and art  Music(Sama Veda) , medicine ( Ayurveda), Shilpaveda(architecture), astrology , mathematics and so on and as very first book of religion started to come around the world these were also put in same category but its wrong. when Hindu scripture talk about origin of life this is first available understanding in field of biology. When Hindu scripture talk about origin of universe these are first understanding of astronomy and they even contradict some time as they are not words of god but written by Rishis (  ऋषि) better to see them as scientists of that time and there were spiritual scientists too. As it was also a field of study like any other subjects and now whole world us that spiritual knowledge in form of Yoga and Dhayan (meditation ) . Yoga makes your body and mind fit for meditation and then meditation connects you to your inner sense and then to surrounding energy. Millions of people do it if you want to disagree you should try it first.

One topic is left, what about understanding of God? every piece of art reflects the soul of the Artist( creator). Humans too reflect the soul of there creator. The one with purest soul, who will scarify for happiness of society is seen as true reflection of god and is worshiped as God, living or non-living. That’s why a Hindu feel same in Mandir, Majar and church.

World should not try to bound us in boundaries which are being broken by people who were using them. we are liberated ones and soon others will join. our government should remove the words like religion from use at it hold no meaning for us  (you can understand it here) . And our leaders should think that if west can remove big gaps of slavery and racism then why we can not remove gaps of castism for which we just need clear understanding and rational thinking. But as we lack great brains among people who are considered as saviors of great Indian culture, people are suffering and are forced to move towards other cultural pollution and out side Idea of religion . And we need sudden action to fix such problems as people are suffering from really long time without any reason, only due to greed of some people to be considered superior. Which is biggest crime (Ahankar). And if castism is so attached with Hinduism then who was lord Valmiki and why lord RAM accepted fruits from Shabari.   Hindu scriptures are subject of research and any thing written by anybody in past has become a part of it in similar way as all the theories become part of a science book, we need to understand that they are not fixed lines.  The one who will bring equality in world and will remove practices like castism from our society will be my God. And will be god of all Hindus for making the society better . Very recently we have added new one who use to say “Sab ka malik ek hai” ( the God is one). hqdefault

Now we need to make some correction based on above study.. there is nothing like Hinduism religion its just way of living in this part of earth, and it allow you to have personal relation with God ( we are liberated ones buddy ). Change of faith can not effect  ones identity as Hindu(its much like saying you are Indian) problem only rises when people start to disrespect there ancient culture and traditions and start bringing others culture on name of religion ( Religion is an idea which have killed millions on innocent people). Second there is nothing like Hindu Scriptures , they are ancient Indian knowledge expect “Bhagwat geeta” and even it does not draw fixed lines.

But the sad part is most of people who are fighting today for ancient Indian way of life are fighting for the name Given to our way of life not for soul of our way of life.

Also see https://neemkapaudha.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/faithreligion-holy-books-and-culture/




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