Two Extra Bullets

Eight terrorists run away from the Bhopal Central jail after slicing the throat  of a security guard with steel plate. Government called emergency meetings and put police on high alert. Police started the search operation on war level and hunt them down.

Lets celebrate! no, wait the police just fired two more bullets. what? are u crazy? They did there job, how two more bullets matters? It matters because they fired those two bullets on a terrorist who was half alive. They just fired those two bullets on a half alive terrorist. If you will ask me, I will say they did what brave worriers do.Just given the enemy easy death and for me it makes the celebration much greater “respecting there values”.

But the whole media is going mad over those two bullets. It seems like they just want to say ” Police first sliced the throat of a guard with steel plate. Then forced terrorist to run and then fired on them from back while they were running, A total fake encounter and all leaders from congress seems to say the same.

The case would have been totally different if those terrorists would have succeeded in killing 100-200 innocent lives, then no one would have questioned anything. I doubt, few politicians/social workers would have extreme desire to ask why Home guard personals fired through eyes and every possible part of those terrorist involved in Mumbai terror attack.

One thing should be kept very simple the guard who died was a member of the Madhya Pradesh police department, He was a family member. Who lost his life on day of Deepawali and if you expect that rather than revenging the death of there own person they would do some nonsense of arresting them, then you are fool. More than anything morale of Police force is important. Now and then we listen the news of police officers getting killed by criminals and police force show no outrage and I hate this. Until they will not start to respect life of there fellow police officers, they will not find back there respect. You can not expect much from them. Killing eight terrorists should be celebrated as start of that, a symbol of there efficiency. They should be given respect for taking fast action. Questioning them for those two bullets and by showing them in dark shades, you are just making them less efficient. Most of India do not care that Gujarat encounter was fake or Real if those Killed were terrorists, neither we care about genuineness of this encounter. Terrorists sliced the throat of a security person and it was strong enough reason to gun  down them. I will celebrate it  and all those who agree share this post or write in support of Madhya Pradesh police.


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