Football enjoys the most number of fans in almost all regions of the world. The number of people who follow the sport regularly and watch its global as well as regional competitions is unmatched. But when I think about football in India, I feel it can serve much more than just unmatched entertainment and that’s why I think we all should start to celebrate Indian football even though it is in very initial stages to compete with world.

connects south- west to north-east : In India football is celebrated mostly in two extreme opposite corners of north-east and south-west . If we start to celebrate football on larger scale we can connect the whole India in much better way and people will feel more connected with each-other. We all know north-east people lack confidence in India and if we start to celebrate the heroes from those towns, people just can not stop themselves from connecting with you, and in last those heroes will represent India. we need to make them larger than divisions  which exist, Government should think this way. Ranchi connects its with India on much larger scale because of Dhoni, I think cricket helped in making Tamil people think like Indian first, Kabaddi brought Punjab and Bihar closer. Art and Sport can Win battles which bullets can never. Punjabi language was one of core issue in Khalistan Movement but look today Punjabi is new language of India. Punjabi artist achieved what bullets would have never and India achieved greater unity by celebrating, what deserves to be celebrated “a really beautiful language”. So make a contribution in making India stronger and start to celebrate football. There is no method other than sport which provide a common celebration ground.
(picture define India to larger extent)                                             indianfootball

  • Opportunity For Youth : Sports open new doors for youth to earn living at various levels and if you have talent you can just become a slumdog millionaire. Sports offer doors to talented ones easily as  it requires something very natural first unlike education system where you need teachers to teach good basics. In Sport basic is self learnt as fun . And this world of club fights they keep looking for cheap raw talent.. Most of Athletics including women in India come from poor background.              maxresdefault (with your interest it can happen with Indian football too)
  • Time saving :  Football provide you with a complete entertainment in 90 minutes. It keeps you on edge of chair through out the match. Game can change even in a minute .a03b2320-bab3-11e4-90b8-055d38e1be64_premierleague
  • Indian name among those big names : Your interest will make game collect more revenue which will help to build better infrastructure and one day we might have A Messi or Ronaldo from India.

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