She Needs To Be Celebrated Worldwide

Olympian Heena Sidhu has pulled out of the Asian Airgun shooting championship in Iran due to their compulsory hijab rule for all women athletes.

The International Shooting Sport Federation(ISSF)  gold medalist had written to the National Riffle Association of India three weeks back about her decision of withdrawing from competition. The championship is scheduled to he held in Iran’s capital Tehran in December.

while liberals and scullers around the world make all the efforts to please the Muslims and safeguard there traditions and religious values, they shown no interest in giving a strong message that values, tradition and cultures of others are equally respectable and no one should be forced.  With all respect to Muslim values and culture, it need to very strongly clarified to them that others values, culture and religious practices deserves equal respect. And if you can not stand for others then standing only for Muslims is a hypocrisy and will make others doubt your motives. If you force hijab in Iran, then it should be seen as support by Iran to burka ban in France.  One thing need to be clarified again and again that if you think that you are superior than others than you are an idiot, we are different and only that difference deserves respect.

Heena confirmed her stand with series of tweets on Saturday.



Heena should be seen as representative of others values and need to be supported worldwide for her gesture. This hypocrisy should end.


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