Hillary Clinton Will Bring Peace To The World!

What is the easiest way to win an election when all your policies in recent years have failed? Answer is very easy, just buy all the Media houses of nation and make them work as advertising agencies for you. But for that you need money, a lot of money. She is smart enough to  work hard and collect that much which can make her win even after all the failures in last government. When you look at Donald Trump, you realize with a clean and better record she would have won more easily but no  one have seen future and chair of most powerful person in the world was at stake so better to go smart.

Barack Obama administration  failed to give any boost to American economy but that is not something we  need to be  concerned about , Americans will continue to live a life better than in most part of world irrespective of who comes in to power. We say  Barack Obama failed to stop ISIS but reality is that Obama Administration helped ISIS, they provided them with weapons in indirect way, allowed countries to buy  DAISH oil and resembled with Saudi Arabia on a number of occasions. And the world knows that Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS and standing behind them. It looks like Obama has a  soft heart for Saudi funded Islamist organisations (may be due to parental background)  and for that he just needed a partner and someone looking for huge amount of money was just perfect.

But once Hillary Clinton become President of America and her ambition to become most powerful person in world would turn in to reality. She may change her stand and can act against ISIS as she will not need more money, which she earlier needed to come into power. Or she  may decide other way to fight next elections.

the way she opposes Russia it seems difficult to ever end ISIS, as only by joining hands they can finish the evil which is contentiously increasing and posses a danger for whole humanity. Until there is radicalization it will not affect much that who is in power in middle east, crime against humanity will continue. America under Obama administration never looked caring for core issue or fighting against radicalization or Islamic state. And process will continue If Hillary decides to care more about next election as she did under Obama administration. Then World will need to wait for next elections in 2021 and till then rise of ISIS will continue. But Hillary Clinton can be a indirect friend of Islamist organizations America will not.


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