In Reply to a question from a student that ” sir you said in your speech that for thousands year Hindu and Muslim in this country  were living in peacefully but if we see the history of every century from invasion of Mohammad Bin Kashim and Mohmud  Ghaznavi , every hundred year we have riots from Ghazni and Kashim to Aurangzeb to sir syed to Jinnah. We are facing this problem and we are not acknowledge it, There have been not harmony since invasion. I donot know how can…….  ? its not there “.

Markandey Katju said that listen, see its true that initial muslim invaders who invaded India broke a lot of Hindu temples, It is true. But there descendant for example Babar was an invader but Akbar his grandson was not an invader, He was born here. Descendant of invaders, who were local Muslim leaders whether  Mughals or Nawabs of Awadh see they have a population may be 90% Hindu if they broke temples there will be a revolt or rebellion every day. No king like that, every king want to live in peace so in their own interest almost all of them fostered secularism. Nawabs of Awadh use to organise Ramlila, Dussehra. Hindus used to participate  in Eid and Muharram, Muslim used to participate in Holi and diwali. About Aurangzeb there is a controversy but I have to put up a blog so leave him for the moment but otherwise  all Muslim rulers. You know about Tipu Sultan it is said that he killed a lot of Hindus and all. If you read that post called History in service of imperialism, please not it down “History in service of imperialism” available online . It is a speech Given by Dr B.N Pandey  who was a professor of History in Allahabad university and then he later became Governor of Odisha. He gave a wonderful speech in Rajya Sabha and you will find it online, about Tipu Sultan he has mentioned that in 1928 when he was lecturer in history in Allahabad university, Some students of Allahabad university came to him and showed him a book in which it was written that Tipu Sultan ordered 3000 Brahmins  to become Muslims and if they refuse there head will be cut off and the result was 3000 Brahmins committed suicide rather than becoming Muslims. So this was written in a book written by a professor of Sanskrit of Culcutta university called professor Haraprasad Shastri. So B.N Pandey emergently wrote a letter to Dr Shastri and asked him what is the source of information to writing this. After repeated reminder Dr Shastri wrote back that source is Mysore Gazetteer, then Professor wrote professor Srikant who was professor of Mysore  university and asked him ” is it correct that in Mysore Gazetteer it was mentioned that Tipu Sultan ordered three thousand Brahmins to convert”. Professor Srikant said this is my line of specialization, this is totally false there is no such mention in Mysore Gazetteer  and  that though even thereafter that  history books is being thought in schools of Bengal and elsewhere. Now just imagine how our history has been distorted ‘bilkul jhuth ‘ Tipu Sultan used to send annual grant to one hundred and fifty six Hindu temples and he has written thirty letters to shankaracharya of sringeri ‘where I have been there ” along with Grants of money and saying because of great Saints like you ” we are having good rains, people are happy and he has been painted as a communal person and as a killer of Hindus “theek ulta likha hai”. Use your commonsense if you are a Muslim ruler with 90% of your population Hindu, will you  break Hindu Temples so there is a riot every day. You want to live in peace, who want to fight every day? In there own interest they all foster secularism but history  are written in totally distorted fashion. First Britishers wrote, they wanted Hindu and Muslims to keep fighting. See the whole thing started  from 1857, before 1857   there was no communal problem no trace of communal riots. 1857 is watershed because when the great mutiny took place Hindu and Muslim fought jointly against British . After suppressing that mutiny British decided that now only way to control India is divide and rule , so all communal riot starts after 1857 and in that article ” history in service of imperialism” Dr B N Pandey there is  quotation from several letter coming from London from sec of state  in London to Viceroy of India that you make Hindu and Muslims fight with each other. Policy decision was taken and British collector will secretly call Pundits in the night  and give money and tell from tomorrow start speaking against Muslims and He will call Maulvi Sahab give him money and tell him to start speaking against Hindu. This poison was injected year after year, decade after decade from 1857. And then there were agent provoketiers who heard some Muslims are praying will start laud music so they think Hindus are doing mischief  or some muslims who will kill cows and throw it around temples or will write “ALLLAH hu Akbar” on temple wall so Hindu thinks all Muslims are doing mischief . Deliberate policy was there , In 1909 the  Morley-Minto Reforms came,  provided for separate electrode that Hindus can vote for only Hindu candidate while Muslims can vote for only Muslims candidate, Again divide and rule. Then Aligarh Muslim university was created, Banaras Hindu university was created, how can be a university be Hindu or Muslim? The word university is universal, again part of divide and rule. I have put up an blog on Sir syed Khan, Ranked British Chamcha. He gave up an speech in Meerut and appealed Muslim that “we Muslim should join hands with British, your enemies are Hindu. British are your friend because both christian and Muslims are Kitabiyas (follow books ) while Hindus are our enemy . Asking people to join hands with British oppressor, Does it not show he was British agent ? and we they  celebrate Sir Syed Day , Traitor, Day how foolish? celebrate ! you guys have no mind. The one who harmed the nation to such an extent is being celebrated by you people! “Manaoo deemag me to gobar bhusa bhara hai, AAj bhi wohi ho raha hai” celebrate, your Mind is filled with Garbage, same is still happening …….


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