It is often said that  old man starts to behave like a child, When Markandey Katju talks about revolution, he sounds exactly like that old man. Nowadays he has started to speak on several issues and on most of them he makes sense and his great experience and understanding is admirable. But for me  when he talks about revolution he does not only make no sense he sounds like a dangerous old man too.

In Markandey Katju opinion, revolution can be achieved only through arm struggle and there is no other way too fix present political/social condition of India. The more dangerous part is he also add these revolutions demand a scarify of 10 % of population and when a so famous and respected person make such kind of comments you need to worry. He adds further that such revolution is almost going to start and youth should join such arm struggles against government.

Taking his age in consideration I would politely like  to ask few questions from him and expect that he would reply too.

first of all against whom we would be fighting ? If its government, then it can be thrown out by election too. A very promising, educated, revolutionary leader recently did it in Delhi but as now he has become a fraud in your opinion  with which I agree too. what are chances that one who will come out by Arm struggle will not be a fraud with greater power?

If money is important part of election and you need money to fight elections and change a government, is not its easy to select 543 honest candidates and  fund  them on revolutionary level rather than an violent struggle?

Leaders come from society and if society is divided to such an extent on basis of cast,religion and language. from which cast newly elected should come so that all feel satisfied and a situation like Iraq or Syria does not took place? is not educating people  to come over dividing factor and select politicians on merit and work basis would be greatest revolution? No government can satisfy each community at same time, does not your idea will start  a contentious chain of wars ? As no society with diversity of this Kind have gone through revolution because no country of this kind exist. Do you want India to break?

There is a term “pressure groups” in books of social science like one Anna Hazare formed, which lead to removal of congress from government and made the way for both BJP and Kejriwal. That movement was against corruption, what about such a movement against both communal politics and corruption? what else you will achieve through arm struggle which you can not achieve through forming such pressure groups? These groups can be formed even at state level to fight for education, equality against communal politics. would you will form one ? Or you believe only in giving lectures to other. So what is going to be your first demand? from where you are starting, how about Bihar ? I will join you there,I am serious.

Democracy is a beauty sir, you might have got hanged in number of nations for a number of statements you have given. We do not like Arm Movement, We need people like you in politics, on roads. Giving lecture in AC rooms is such an easy work which give you publicity too.

No government can guarantee equality and welfare by what so ever methods it has been achieved until educated people will not start to educate others about greater Aims of life. Government will always remain reflection of society, other way it will always remain a wrong statement as Government is formed  from people among us. To  change the mind set of people and make them understand bigger picture  you need leaders not politicians.

I request you to not misguide youth of nation, they are young and your thoughts hold a lot of weightage. Democracy gives you a number of ways to reform your society with much easier way than bloodshed. If people can become determent enough to take Arms and Fight for a leader then its much easy for such an leader to ask people to vote on development and honesty  lines. And if such huge number of people can takes Arms than how easy it is to find 543 to fight elections ?  Your thoughts hold great danger of uprising of a number of local militant organisation, which will led to destruction of whole civilization. You should learn from Ranveer Shena vs MCC  in Bihar.

In last again I will repeat” I request you to not misguide youth of nation, they are young and your thoughts hold a lot of weightage   “.




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