There is a unbelievable number of unemployed youth in India. Young people are living under extreme frustration and pressure, there life is nothing less than hell. There is no reduction in crime against women but still we do not see any outburst or rallies against government because they are trapped in communal politics. They are not united and are supporting parties on  useless topics of religion and cast. The politics of cast and religion not only divides you ,it blinds you. So to keep your fight going you need to stay away from this trap. Once started it is a irresistible force as media enjoy it most and in present time you need media for bigger causes.                                                                                                                            hqdefault

In fight of a better life it should not matter that from which religion or cast you belong, all deserves a better living. We can debate that how some organisations are working or what is good or bad about a particular religion, it is not a bad thing. But at present we are fighting for a cause which equally affects all irrespective of  religion. So we should avoid all those topics and posts which deviate us from our present issue. Otherwise soon we will totally get  shifted from core issue as other one is more entertaining and without even realizing you will get trapped in something less important at present.

I believe religious conflicts should also be avoided because

  1. One who gives  food and education to you and your children is only God, In my opinion.
  2. No one can stop anyone from embarrassing any religion in India and its a personal choice.
  3. Conversion or no-conversion but if you will flame the religious topics the newly converted one will get overexcited in trying to prove his point as he need to satisfy himself that he has done correct. which will create unwanted friction.
  4. where people were forced to give away  there cultural practices and identity (including name) like native Americans, they fought hard to preserve it as you are important only because the way you are different and it makes the world just more beautiful ( so I think that people know that what there identity mean to them and it should be left to them).




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