SHIVA MEDITATION (Does this society deserves to exist?)

Chapter 1

Crimes of a nation and state


Going through videos about native american Indians I felt immense pain and acts done by western forces against them kept me disturbed for a number of days but the idea which struck me most deeply was a question ” are we repeating the same crime against our Adivashi (आदिवासी) people ?”

There new friends from Europe took away there land and resources, forced them into slavery and hunted them away from all those places which were rich in minerals and made them live like beggars . And all it was not as simple as it sounds , imagine some one drawing a line around your city and asking you to evacuate your houses  just because now you are part of a Great nation and imagine if your resources of living are also around your houses, also Imagine if you get paid no compensation.  You will say, they can not because you have legal papers and you have voice and power of vote.But what about those people who are living in more harmonious way with nature. who did not cleaned up jungles and created jungles of concrete, who does not participated in those polluting garbage’s , who do not travel on those co2 emitting cars. did they deserve the least from this nature ? does there homes does not belong to them only because they do not have legal papers ? At a time land was more important, you  grabbed it as much you can with all your forces and so called holiness, you made many to work as labors much like slaves ( now they are rising with little support ). Now you are forcing others out  to become slaves, who are living peacefully with very limited resources because you have found new resources in areas which were earlier of no use for you. You are forcing people out of there homes and resources and its OK because they do not have legal papers, Its OK to force them out in slavery  a life of no self respect. Did you drawn those lines of your great nation and make them a part of it after asking to them ? Did you made the great laws after asking to them ? Did they never deserved a compensation for what they have?  First it was gold then copper tomorrow something else will be searched and every time some  people will be forced into slavery because Great nations have Great laws to protect Great people. Is not we are doing same with Adivasi people in India from decades and decades?

There is a great difference between living with limited resources and being a Slave. A land where one is living from generations belongs more to him than any Great nation because it is very much possible that he even does not know about those boundaries which you have created. And when you say that this belong to the Great nation and you will have to move away with nothing you are just a another criminal who is forcing one out of his area/ his property.jharkhand-tribals-movement-759

It is not possible to represent in words the pain of some one, who is being forced out of his home to become a  slave  only because some day you decided that he is part of your Great nation.


Human have tendency to move for better resources and comfortable life. what you took away from these people would have made very easily possible to provide a lot to them with very little share from profit.. but you have always decided other way, you decided exactly as a land grabber, a powerful criminal behaves. And your trickle down effect is much like saying ” I am robbing your house today and some day you will get benefited by business I will start, most probably by cleaning my shoes or by working as a slave ”

” You cleaned the forests in greed , you killed the animals for fun still you have more rights over nature and resources  ”

Excuse me for my horrible language ” I believe the need of writing is more important than art of writing ” and I wish you will get what I wanted to deliver..




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