At least for next 50 years, there will always be radicalized Muslim youth because some part of there religious text can be interpreted in that way and there will always be some swarna Hindu for whom Dalit Hindu will be less human, untouchable, unequal , undeserving the one looking for food in left of guests in marriages where crore are spend and many proud Brahman, Kshatriya,Lala, yadava not feeling ashamed. But generalizing the victim hood as Tina Dabi Fan is also from Schedule Cast & Scedule Tribe or generalizing the culprit term will just force others in same very category and it can result in a civil war or total mess, nothing better an enemy nation can want ( all those posting against Muslims, Hindu, Dalits, sawarna Hindu and Kashmiri are main anti national people or pages are being controlled from Pakistan, no true Indian will spread hate or hurt others by fake pride of religion ). Most of us have Muslim friend who are not terrorist and most of youth with better education is against cast barrier. we need to work in our portion against all kind of inhuman act. The biggest problem is that growing with social Media has reduced us to such a mental level where fake religious pride has almost taken over humanity. We can see all Hindu supporting Yogi Adityanath and Muslims supporting Akbaruddin Owaisi or Dr.Jakir naik all are poison and please our sick Mind because we are reduced to that level . Even if you are a spiritual person keep your faith with yourself, research and publish your holy text but give away your religion. It will be greatest contribution to the mankind. Feel free from nearest religious identity…. (Your religion is being used to reduce you less then human and many of us have been reduced ) plz share


5 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY FAKE PRIDE

  1. Nicely explained, but it look more sympathized with Muslims. You need to understand nobody wants Muslims to be suffer but their ideology of being or having superior in religion is toxic. And surely that’s the problem, with their religious fundamental philosophy because they are taking grantee over one spiritual experience by their prophet. Their religion is politically religious but our is religiously political.

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    1. very first line say there will always be few but generalizing is not d solution. It is much about communal tension in India , nonsense post on Kashmiries for which any enemy nation will spend crores.. we are doing it in free…

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  2. There’s another side to religion, one to be valued — the teaching and nurture of love, justice, humanity, humility, peace. It’s typically found in the mystical/meditative streams, along with those of serving the poor and oppressed, rather than in the fundamentalist/literalist rigid lines.
    Without this, you’re likely to wind up with self-centered opportunism rather than broadened humanity.

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    1. most of atheist people are more human and I am not asking to give away faith,your desire to serve other and your spirituality I am asking to over come boundaries of religion.


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