Identity Of Indian And Concept of Hindu Rastra

Hindu word represent people living in Indian subcontinent, it is mispronounced  form of  word Sindhu (Indus). Hindu stand for same sense as the word Indian it is all about  you wan to call it river “Sindhu” or river “Indus” , You want to call it Sindhu Civilization or Indus valley civilization. The only difference I see that while I am writing it shows a error on word “Sindhu” but no such sign o on word  “Indus” :P.

But the strange thing is that now river Indus is a part of Pakistan and also  most important sites of Indus valley civilization like “Harappa ” and “Mohenjodaro” are present in Pakistan, so by definition people living in Pakistan are more Indian or Hindu ( now as DNA study suggest that all people in Indian subcontinent  share same DNA so please come out of dream that you are son of some Arab or Turk ). But in desire to prove themselves Muslims they have forgotten there Identity and they are paying the prize. There is nothing wrong in being a believer of Allah  but when you want to change your whole identity from Indian to Arab you can never bring all on same boat because their natural extinct will resist.  History matter my friend you can not put all under burka or take them totally away from Art, science , habit of questioning  and knowledge when they have a history of doing so and not doing so. And you end up as Pakistan ,Bangladesh, Afganistan under Taliban or Iran few years back because you tried to convert a civilization to Arab ( And fact is  Arab do not even spit on face of  people from Indian subcontinent). I think I have lost the track coming back to topic.

Now the real point is that there was not such thing like Hindu civilization and we all are from same civilization irrespective of our religion. By calling it Hindu civilization you are narrowing down the history of India and you are pushing people from other faith out of boat which can result in destruction of nation( as people from other religion see Hindu as a religion, I do not ). Now my point is even by going from RSS and right wing definition Claiming Hindustan a “Hindu Rastra” is like asking for India to be called “A nation of Indians” which make no sense as this already work it that way,India is a nation of Indians. There is no need to bring out a notification like that.

The question arises, who is Hindu ? for me its like questioning who is Indian ?

If your answer to following questions is NO, for me you are a Hindu or Indian:

  1. Do you believe you are superior than others because of religion you follow ? (for me those people who claim to be Hindu but feel superior on basis of cast they born in are not Hindus or Indian )
  2. Do you believe faith should be spread by force and fraud ?

You see people from different religion differently as you are made to see so. When it comes about religion path is personal choice, in the last he is either one or there is no one.

For Indians Religion is about celebration not about fear, and it should never be. Because when you will fear you will get fooled, It does not matter he is a Mulla or Pandit. india




5 thoughts on “Identity Of Indian And Concept of Hindu Rastra

  1. Dear, I would like to correct on some point, still Indus valley civilization largest site is under Indian occupation. almost 2/3. And Harapan and Mohenjedaro are same people in different era. Harappan are more ancient than Mohenjedaro. Seocnd, considering Old civilization is non sanatani or non-hindu for sake of current secularism would be injustice. They were hindu by practice, idea or philosophy. I am totally against this apologitic tone of non claiming our-self Hindu. calling our self hindu and having difference in ideology is not crime. Hindustan was an hindu rastra because if Hindu is an geographical term as per your blog. Hindu is not an race neither an ideology. Its an geographical term. Moreover, santana is real ideology based on vedic system of life and rules. I have answer for your both question:

    1. Do you believe you are superior than others because of religion you follow ? (for me those people who claim to be Hindu but feel superior on basis of cast they born in are not Hindus or Indian )

    Ans: Believing you are superior or not is specially an stage of mind question. certainly, nothing in this universe is superior than law of universe which is eternal (till universe has time), surely we shouldn’t but dharma is not religion and i belived that dharma is much batter way to living than fixed holy books.

    2. Do you believe faith should be spread by force and fraud ?

    Ans: Certainly Not, faith is not matter of spread and making bubble head look similar like us. Faith should be spread through idea like Buddhism did to all eastern region.


    1. Sense of superiority is major cause of religious conflicts.. I am just saying that it was not any religious civilization and ancestors of all were from this very civilization. Even if as a Hindu I am still trying follow a bit of Vedas it does not change the fact it is history of all including Muslims and one can not find stability in life without feeling proud about his/her history. And again Hinduism is not any religion it is much ahead of that line of religion, Hinduism has ability to take inside all even if they remain very honest to there religion……example For me Pakistan is more a Hindu state by way of life, it is another thing that they are in some kind of illusion. All have started to practice Yoga, do not you think all have become a bit Hindu… 😉

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      1. Dear, I can understand that what you want to say. The sense of superiority is applicable of those religion who are history centric in nature. cause they don’t want to make superior to idea they have developed, but the history behind it or their prophets. But My concern is here that dhrama is not in this category cause if hindus started to feel superior will make them more value centric. The most dangerous thing for hindus is ignorant and apologiocal behaviour. I believed that idea of religion/dhrama resides under the combined social consciousness rather area where they developed. But your observation is good and appreciable.


  2. I am writting an blog how whole Indian civilization raise and fall from 3000 BCE to 2000 AD and how it will regain his power from this very year 2000 AD to 2500AD and will be continue to another 4500 AD.


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