Existence of God

The famous Christian theologian, St Thomas Aquinas ( 1225-1274 ), in his book Summa Theologica gives 5 ‘proofs’ ( quinque viae ) for the existence of God, and the famous Indian philosopher, Udayanacharya ( 12 century ), in his book Nyaya Kusumanjali gives 9 ‘proofs’.

All these ‘proofs’ are based on inferences ( which is called ‘anumana pramana’ in Indian philosophy ), and not on direct perception ( called ‘pratyaksha pramana’ or revelation ).

The problem, however remains : what to do with the question posed by Ivan Karamazov to his younger brother Aloysha in Dostoevsky’s famous novel ‘ Brothers Karamazov ‘ : if there is a God, why do million of children in the world suffer ? ( see my blog ‘ Dostoevsky and the cold weather ‘). Millions of children in the world who have done no harm to anyone, are yet hungry, shivering in the cold, often beaten cruelly by elders, deprived of good education and love and affection, and homeless ? If there is a God, why does he not give these children food, proper clothes, a home, proper education, love and affection, etc ?

So if there is a God, he is either all powerful, or good, but he cannot be both

Some people say that there must be a Creator of this world.
This statement presumes that everything must have a creator. In that case, the Creator of the world must also have a creator, i.e. a super Creator, and this super creator must also have a creator, i.e. a super super Creator, and so on.
This is known as the fallacy of the infinite regress.

The truth is that the only reality is matter ( or matter-energy, since energy has been proved by Einstein to be a form of matter ), which is in motion, according to some laws which can be discovered by scientific research.
If it is asked where did matter come from, the answer is that matter came from matter. If we start with the assumption that everything must have a creator, we fall into the fallacy of infinite regress, as explained above.

The truth is that there is no God, no angels, no soul, no spirits, no ghosts, no fairies, no witches, etc. In other words, there are no supernatural entities.
The truth is that all religions are superstitions, and the truth lies in science, which is not final as religion claims to be , but is constantly developing.



4 thoughts on “Existence of God

  1. Your Blog is scientific and logical. Here’s my view on this, Science is only method to understand and discover the objectivity of universe. It is the method where we learn how things work, how complex they are and how they relate to each others. But often its failed to answer subjective question? Like why things in life has an pattern? why we feel free after charity? why our mind feel more lighter after yoga and spiritual experience? How two lovers are so connected that they understand things bw them without saying? how elevated consciousness work? All answer can be get if someone practice things as insider. Mostly scientist are Outsider, they learn religion as subject, but never try to be an insider. Once an person ask me “why do i belived on God, when I haven’t seen him?”, I replied to him” God is only expressed by experience, experience are personal, they cannot be shared like scientific theory and idea, without proper understanding”, God is real its depend in what context people want to see them? answer for “why children died in Millions”, simple Karma and reincarnation, we have just passed dark ages, it will effect our future and present also.

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    1. you saved me from becoming a atheist :).. BDW these are not my words This is a Facebook post of sir Markandey Katju but no doubt I get convinced to a great extent after reading your reply battle has tilted in opposite direction, so thank you for bringing me back in my old condition… 🙂

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      1. Nice Joke dear, I am also an hardcore atheist, but my way to observing the world is more Sanatana dharmi than Abrahamic. I am still searching for god but to be frank I have find many answer after studying dhrama. 😛
        Best of Luck, I am also thinking to write an blog on “Why God doesn’t not help millions of child in world”.

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