FAITH : Faith is personal choice, no one can force you. A large no of Hindus go to Dargah and churches and a great no of Muslims and Christians celebrate faith of Hindus. Personally I believe there is a energy which bind all us together and can work to bring balance in extreme conditions through disasters if we will not learn to respect balance of nature. But no believe in  heaven,hell or a god which rule us, A fan of lord Shiva. SPIRITUALITY? We are made of energy and matter, both can not be destroyed, some-type of  retention, may be possible? humanity-quotes-2

RELIGION: Religion is a tool to rule and run business of faith. It only served and serving Brahmans, Babas, Mullah, priests of churches and terrorists. You need a religion only when you have doubt in your faith or have a great inferiority sickness. Religion provide practical form to mental sickness of ruling class  and men.My religion? I am not blind. a8a7f605d277abd0c29f31b9ff319968

HOLY BOOKS: In holy books you read what is written there but interpenetrate what is already in your mind and as it suits you fake pride of religion. These books can not be interpreted very correctly  in present context with same meaning and sense as words keep changing there sense. These books have also gone a lot of dilution to suit clergy classes.

CULTURE: Culture belong to land, no culture is perfect. we need to remove bad and nonsense practices from culture, also something outdated.  But at same time saving  goodness and something unique which is not harmful, to keep our identity because our existence matter only when we are different. Being different we add color to world and give our existence as a society a meaning. But culture should not get reduced to rigid lines, should always be adaptive towards something useful and at personal level something cool. My culture? off-course Indian, which can be said Hindu in Hindi. But saying Indian is not  totally correct,  we as a nation constitute of different states and most of them have different culture which make us more beautiful (it is another thing that people reduced to see black and white call all us same, making us united and giving power to fight for our different identity together) . And we as an state should never force our culture on other states or societies making it less beautiful for our-self and should respect culture of all. The biggest problem arise when people start changing there own culture to prove there religion because of inferiority complex put in there mind by people whose business is to propagate some sick mind desire to color world in same color, no doubt they get fund and you get fooled to fight your own people making their business flourish. A great example of desire to change culture is Pakistan which want to become Arab and in process killing fellow citizens and fellow Muslim population.

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      1. I’m acknowledging something what you have written and you’re questioning me. Is there a team that operates the blog that some individuals do not know whatvthey have written?

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  1. I’m not questioning you,I am sorry to sound like that. I have read your blogs and you have commented on mine also in past,You are a open minded person .I just wanted to say it is not easy to open the eye of people so easily,already counting you on my side.


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