Losers Need To Be Identified

Even-though we  believe that we are more intelligent than others. We are only animal  whose societies are ruled by losers and as these losers are now trying to remove humanity from equation we need to throw them out. But for that first we need to recognize them, some common characters are:

  • Jealous from complete life of a normal person :                                                                          We allow losers who are not confident enough to face society  . Who are always in a cage of inferiority, staying away from mainstream .  Who do not have courage to approach a girl .who were never in love. Who are  unprogressive and never tried to understand humanity. Who live in Isolation  from changing and developing  world. After Love, anger and revenge, jealousy is most natural emotion. And all those people who are against love ,  Equality  or  asking you to turn into a worrier of Islam , A worrier of Hinduism, A worrier of  Christianity are fucking losers and are jealous from complete life of a normal  person. They are asking you to do so because they need people to follow them so that they can become a hero. But following  footsteps of losers  will only make you a loser.


  • Will do tilted  interpretation Of  holy books and will promote it:                                They can not understand simple language of humanity. They have done nothing for human race and nature. And they have a great desire to become a hero so they will do interpretation of great ancient scriptures in  such a way that define  them as hero because practically they have done nothing for humanity so best way possible was to become “Thekedar” of religion.
  •  Will support a complete cover for women:                                                                               We allow losers who are free to walk in undergarments showing their biceps and six packs  to force women to cover every part of her body because sick mind of that loser see her every part as sex organ. We allow those mentally sick people who are so jealous from their wife getting more attention  than him that they want them to be covered in front of world to speak about Importance of  ” Hijab, parda , Burkha and ghoonghat ” and women clothing  on name of religion.ISHRburka
  •  In favour of child marriages :                                                                                                  We allow inhuman people whose desire to fuck an immature girl will never turn into  reality in a human society to speak in favour of child marriages under umbrella of      religion .bracs-experience-in-ending-child-marriage-18-638
  • They will support polygamy :                                                                                                    Losers always use religion in process of revenge with normal people. To have sex they will rape on name of religion and as it was not easily available to them, they will not allow you to have sex. You will have to pay equal amount ( Join ISSI or get married even if you are not settled in life to handle a marriage) or do not enjoy it. Now again these losers have the problem with people out there have choices before marriage and as these losers can not understand and approach a women so they will support polygamy they too need choices my dear friend, and now while you were having choices before marriage they have choices after marriage and see they proved they are losers because they do not care about others life ( life of those ladies )polygamyinprimetimerct
  • They will  physically oppress weak people : ( desire to prove superiority)                      Inhuman societies are ruled by force and power and as these losers failed to acquire human behaviour and understanding they want to rule by force and power. They will oppress others who are weak .They will oppress women, they will force them to stay locked in houses, they will stop them from working outside, they will force them to remain as slave and will justify all on name of religion. They will humiliate women by forcing to cover themselves with complete black  clothes in temp of 45 c just to keep them reminding that never think about freedom. If they will remove ” Parda “, they will interact, and when they will interact. Ideas will grow and they will start realizing how they are being used as slaves on name of religion. These losers will oppress minorities because that is their nature- inhuman. They will try to prove their superiority because losers have deep feeling of inferiority.
  • Will give more importance to outer side of spirituality:                                                           We discovered cloth to cover our self against odd conditions and then made it symbol of status, symbol of culture , symbol of religion  and now losers who have no Idea about art of dressing, fashion and fabric who do not understand any relation between season and clothing will decide what one should wear ( and remember these losers have no idea what those text want to say on  basis of which they  want to convert their jealousy into reality ) . when you will understand those losers who wear the same type of cloth are either stuck with outer Image of religion or have no Idea about clothing, Religion has nothing to do with it. To talk about spirituality you need a spiritual heart not a spiritual clothing ( this is like a blogger forcing people to follow him only  because his profile picture match with Amitabh Bachan ).images (2)
  • No Care for poor and needy people :                                                                                             We allow losers who do not care about million of hungry children and people without clothes due to poverty, to speak about ” what should be eaten and how should be dressed”.
  • Will term others as Non believer :  Losers term others as non believer and please mind my words he is talking about Non deliverers of that loser. He is no one to decide that how one should approach to god. No one to answer why Allah can not be called God or Adi-sakti .                                                                                          download (4)
  • Against love before marriage:           They have not tested it, how could you ?20130214-tanzeem-anti-vday-billboard
  • Will talk about differences between religions :                                                              Losers can never become leader in a human society so they developed new way, They will tell you differences which exists nowhere, They will make you feel unsecured . They will divide you because united you will follow humanity and it will reflect them as what they are as” a loser”.
  • More interested in building worship places :                                                                               In Nation where children are out of schools. There is  no basic education and medical facilities to children they will talk about building Temples and Masjids and we support those losers on name of religion  .


  • Will support  unhuman social practices only for fake pride of a culture . His sick mind will not allow him to look beyond old customs of religion even it is against basic human rights. He will never understand religion is to serve humanity not should be used against it . He will not accept the fact many things have changed, many thin will change .
  • Will use terms like “we have given these rights to women “, But who the hell you are to decide her rights ? is she deciding yours ?.

Hope now you can identify a looser and will not allow him to fool you. I have written this because grown in societies hijacked  by losers, I mostly give  first reaction like a loser but my education gives me strength to understand it and fight against my mind.  Share to make losers know themselves better #losersneedtobeidentified.


13 thoughts on “Losers Need To Be Identified

  1. So poignant post. The issue of children always pains me deeply. We could have so many scheme worth lacs of crores for this or that but cant have a scheme that ensures that all kids irrespective of financial status of their parents compulsorily have a) Proper nutrition and healthy living b) good education. Shame on collective us for failing to ensure this for all our kids.

    Thanks for this post.

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    1. thank you bro, basically I do not like to write or read but situation force to do so . people like us should look forward to find more creative ways to rise these questions and solve them. A consistent pressure at government is required . when you do not react to these problems you stop realising and at end you become less human and a bit dead…


  2. Wow you just summed up the shits we have in our environment and explained them in such a way that it made me think about even myself. I see slum children every day in my way and couldn’t help them. This is shameful for us and many people out there who talks about brand and other stuff which we can’t afford. I loved the way you wrote about child marriage and women rights. Totally agree with you in every single point. Thanks for sharing

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    1. thank you dear. I write because I am forced to, It hurts when you can not do anything. I am not a cool writer but I want people to read it so that things can change, even if little bit. I always hate those debates where people talk all nice thinks only to win a prise( to show there talent). For me its about change or at least a try . It makes me feel more alive too 🙂

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  3. I am passionate but not toward writing, it is going on from a long time. I want to take it a step further, I want effect. I want change. I want people to react. If that can not happen then it is useless point that how beautifully you have written. I am forced by my own mind which believes that we can move toward better society. Which stop me from becoming more selfish, more career concentrated which I should be to become successful like Sharma jii ka beta 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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