Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar would have never thought that his people for whom he was fighting would get cheated by his own idea and by using his own name.

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar would have never thought that RESERVATION will become a cover for zero governance, Zero administration,  for Basic education (which is  just for namesake), for no social and medical awareness. Will become a reason to keep people uneducated so politics of Backward vs forward can be continued. Will become reason to avoid fact that why after 69 years of independence only 14% of students from scheduled cast and 9% students from scheduled tribe are able to reach 12th Std. Will give rise to anti-general political system  where only hate will be promoted and it will cover all cheats of politicians.


very recently I visited my village and there is a primary school where most of students are from backward classes better to say are scheduled cast. This school provide education from standerd  1st to stander 5 with one teacher . All students were playing either PAKDA_PAKDI or GULLI_DANDA in farming fields behind the school or on the road passing school side and teacher was not worried at all. I decided to have a talk with teacher and he said in noway he can manage these students alone. He also said these kids does not come on time are not regular and “jaise taise bina nahaye ,gande sande, neta chuaate aa jata hai, kaise padhaye g ? ( In short they have no personal hygiene how i am expected to interact with these kids, their parents  just do not care ) teacher was quite well maintained so at first impression I imagined he would be from a forward class and is following path of “BRAHAMANWAD” but later I came to know he is from schedule cast. But important point is, he was not interested is teaching them. He was just there to maintain register and to write a table on board. I visited few more primary school near by and picture was same.

Then I heard politicians demanding for more than 50% reservation. It brought a smile on my face because I was getting truth and joke behind it.progress-made-under-reservation-System-in-India

Reservation is a lollipop which guarantee you success in elections without touching any basic problem.

Nitish Kumar a well wisher of OBC and SC/ST classes and one among few people who are in support of demand of more than 5o% reservation put future of all kids of backward classes in dark by appointing  seven thousand teachers without taking exam or interview. All people who were having nothing to do with with education from more than 10 years and were involved in no of odd jobs became teachers . Now they will create future of all those backward children and no one questioned it neither from intellectual left wing  because there politics is anti-forward and Nitish Kumar was a leader from OBC.

None of these Politicians or intellectuals who talk about social reform, future and rights of backward and SC/ST classes managed to convey parents of backward children why education is important for their child. None of them in 60 years of independence managed to promote  personal hygiene  among most of these people.

Lets talk some facts, almost 20% children never see school, so leaving them behind according to government report 2013-2014

261 lakhs children from scheduled cast are  in primary school  ( std 1 – std 5)                   128 lakhs children from scheduled cast are in upper primary (std 5 – std 8)                        68 lakhs children from scheduled cast are in secondary schools (std 9 – std 10)   and     39 lakhs children from scheduled cast are in senior secondary (std 10 – std 12)

so only 14 % of students from total number of students get enrolled in school will face 12 th examination .( And we all know 10% of these students are not coming from any backward family might be remaining 4% would have made it)

But my point is due to a term reservation no one is ready to talk about those 86% students who are not even eligible to get reservation. A complete failure of governance and administration get unnoticed because we are busy discussing reservation. So you can see how Idea of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar has become the best tool for politicians to hide there negligence  in serving people about whom he really cared. (they are demanding more reservation for  just 14% Of 14.9% Indian population while they already have 14.9% reservation of 100% Indian population in short for less than 3% you have 14% reservation  and those 84% of 14.9% even does not matter for them )

let take a similar account of scheduled Tribes also

145 lakhs scheduled tribe students are in primary school (std 1 – std 5) which reduces to  14 lakhs students from scheduled tribes  in  senior secondary school (11th-12th)

here also only 9.6% students even become eligible to get reservation and no one is ready to ask about 90% who are even not getting basic education or are not able to study after 10th which is result of poor governance and extreme negligence and what you are doing for them? demanding more reservation ? what about major problem ? why no one is asking that question ? what about 90% students of that community ? why they are not important ? why politicians never refer about them ? tell me what will change with more reservation ? and for your satisfaction I am attaching complete PDF from government of India  EAG2014

If all these well wishers of backward class are real son of their mother and have guts then should ban all private coaching classes and should move reservation from classes to government schools. Give  a hope and security  to those who really need it and should be implement it in such a way that every state gets reservation for its students in proportion with student registered and fine those governments who give worst result.

They will never do so because then real backward people will start demanding more teachers, better administration, better education facilities and these frauds and  cheaters can never provide that. They just know to divide and rule .

A backward or dalit will never become confident because these people from left wing and well wishers of Dalits wants to make them feel more dalit, more low, more oppressed and more angry without any direction. that’s  how it works in India…

When Nitish Kumar , Lalu yadav or most of well wishers of Dalits talk about reservation all Dalits thinks he is talking for them  and non of these leaders will ever educate them . They will never be in race because these politicians do not want them in race. These so called well wishers want them to remain backward, poor and uneducated because a educated “Dalit” means less Dalit. A more open minded person who will never run in their blind race. They talk a lot but they all will support “Bahuballies” irrespective with cast or religion. Crime increased in Bihar in “Jungal Raj 2” but criminals who become hero one again were not backwards Infact most of them are forwards. Left want Dalit women  to held flags and men to hold gun and shout “Ajadi-Ajadi” while some people with red flags will come to destroy your schools and hospitals.He will ask you to shout for freedom from “Manuvad “(which only they know) and will take you deeper in oppression and crime using “Rajneetivad”.

When you give people no education but pride of being ruling class they develop arrogance which can be seen in backwards of Bihar and U.P . Today’s youth does not understand “Manuvad” or “Brahamanvad”, One who shares class room with him is his friend . Make them share class room and they will start sharing lunch  and all this OBC,GENERAl,SC,ST will end. Secure equal education for all in terms of quality.

Or watch this arrogance(politicians ) and frustration (educated upper cast) rise . Rise to level when nation will burn and still one cast will get benefited, cast of cheap politicians…

some more questions from people  and government ….

  1. Imagine a 18 year young boy whose friend with whom he shared his books, his ideas, his lunch box  get selected by scoring less marks only on basis of blood in his body. And then you also talk about removing casteism ??? ( I know you are a lair ?
  2. A person from religion BUDDHISM or SIKHISM ( which are totally against any kind of discrimination on basis of birth and are product of greatest social and spiritual research, are most humane ) can be considered  for reservation under backward  and SC/ST category. And leaders who are well wisher of  religions which are being promoted on similar kind of promises  like Islam and Christianity are demanding to get considered for reservation under SC/ST  while they already get reservation under backward category. But people and Government believe all Dying farmers, land less farmers, jobless people from GENERAL category are having bank balance of crores which was transferred by British East India Company before leaving India. Is not this pure discrimination on birth ? what about children from general category whose father is handicap, have no land, have no job, father sold all in drinking , father get jailed in crime, She is a lady ( If Manusmiriti decide reservation then these girls deserve it first, dont be biased ). Do not these people deserve special care or they even does not matter? dying farmer is worry but all there children’s have Bank balance of crores, what you say ?
  3. If history is criteria all many should be punished for did’s of  Aurangjeb, Bakhtiyar Khilji ( he burned the biggest heritage of nation Nalanda University ), Qutab-ud-din Aibak, Mohamad Gori and what about white Christians but I do not support that similarly I do not support discrimination against Jobless, Helpless, poor children’s from general category who can not afford private education at present  (and reservation is making them feel hopeless).
  4. Why not make reservation for students of Government schools and ban Private coaching institutes, Give proper facilities, Real teachers, Better Administration in government school. Monitor where they are lacking. Thousands of unemployed educated youth can teach on very affordable salleries.  why not to focus more on basic education of all poor.  Why not all people who are facing similar challenges be considered equal only  because it will put end on cast politics and people will start questioning Real problems ( yahi bat hai naa ?)
  5. Do not you think reservation serve to rich people from Dalit category  and discriminate against poor from general category ?
  6. And is not its your responsibility to share it till it does not  reach to every politicians.   Share on twitter and Facebook with hash tag #reality_check_of_reservation.  come together to fight against Politics of cast and religion . Ask together the questions which deserve to be asked. 


why ?

jab log jat dekh vote dete hain

See How people who want more reservation for Dalits are really working

For red flag lovers

Children are responsibility of a nation they should be granted  two fundamental rights

  • Right of equality of education in terms of quality .
  • Right of nutrition                                                                                                                            every person of a nation should feel ashamed if we can not provide it to children of our nation. Be more human, be more Indian plz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I am Dalit by struggle, Sikh by believe in equality , Hindu by geography of land, Muslim by devotion, Christian by attitude, Boddh by believe in spiritual search.
  •  jai hind




  1. OMG what a great write up and loads of reserch is so visible and thanks for writing about lalu n nitish whom I don’t admire at all. N I can do that totally as they govern my state now. It’s a reality in bihar the government is chosen on the basis of caste equation than on the basis of social reform or development and what an irony nitish hated lalu for decades and prefered to shake hands with lalu than going with a progressive party with a man he Hates more than lalu….N ys am bed kar was a visinory never demanded reservations like this it was v.k.singh who did just for votes n ruined an entire generation of talented minds n promoted brain drain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reservation was not a bad thing as it was not a guarantee for generation after generation as it has become now. And now you can not question it,or they will start some dirty politics. It has lost its way and purpose. BDW my home state is also Bihar and irony is only this much that he now wants to become prime minister.


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