Religion Does Not Stand For “DHARM”

8047751116_23c964a806_zWe should stop using western perspective in understanding Indian society

The only force which makes me write is hope. Hope for a better world. Hope for a better society. hope for better future. And all these hopes come to an end when you relate this hope with religion and define religion with fixed category of people. In modern world the biggest problem is the way we look at religion and the way in which we have divided  people on basis of it.

We are lucky people that our scriptures do not have any word which stand for religion and by translating it as “Dharm” we are misguiding our society and leading it to conflicts and divisions.

The word Religion is mostly used in east to get people  divided and misguided by frauds who pretended to be “Brahimins”. To get people divided and misguided by frauds and terrorists who pretended to be followers of Islam. To get people divided and misguided by westerns who pretended to be civilized . Now take a look at word “DHARM” and see what meaning it possess: Kindness (DYA) is DHARM, Donation (DAN) is DHARM, sacrifices for society (Tyag) is DHARM. Feeding poor is DHARM, Taking care of ill people is “DHARM”.      The opposite of DHARM is ADHARM which stand for unlawful, corrupt and inhuman act. I do not see any opposite word of religion which stand for same.

Religion categories people on basis of practices while “DHARM” stand for acts which are for uplifting of society and for harmony with nature. It has nothing to do with god neither it is applicable to a group or category of people.We are guided by scriptures to protect DHARM in society not to protect any religion, any god.

The DHARM can be seen as truth,the light towards a better society . By translating DHARM as religion we are narrowing its meaning and stopping our knowledge from spreading.

when we try to understand DHARM we find all religion I will prefer to say paths are to protect and promote same DHARM, same act of kindness, love, care, harmony, donation and scarifies. While DHARM combines us the religion divides us and the basic reason behind this is that there is a ADHARM in concept of religion “feeling of superiority” (Ahankar) .

And by accepting term religion we are also stopping our-self from showing light to the world. The light which our civilization have. The light which make us see people follower of different path to same ultimate truth. The light which asks all of us to protect same DHARM.

And it is failure of our land that we are not able to find new paths to fight modern problems of terror. It is our duty to protect DHARM by finding new paths for challenges of present world and have trust that we can do so.

This land belongs to Hindus. Anyone who lives in west of river Indus is a Hindu by cultural and geographical identity. But this land belongs to all either he is a believer of “Adi Sakti” or “Allah”, follower of lord Buddha or Guru Granth Sahib. But this land does not belong to people who are Muslim by religion as ISSI claims or a Hindu as some organisation claims. Not only this land but Vedic books also belongs to all because these are work of our great ancestors and no one can stop you from claiming your rights on these books.No religious group have authority on these books . All those people are Hindu by nationality who are free from feeling of superiority, who follow path of DHARM( which is similar through all paths).who do not consider others inferior because of paths they have chosen to ultimate truth until it is not  Inhuman and disrespect others.

Western way of looking at civilizations and terror are linked with same feeling of superiority. If we kept looking at our society with same aspect we are going to break and terrorism is going to make its root stronger. The word religion should be thrown out from India.

In last, most of people who ask you to hate are jealous of you because they have missed the chance to enjoy the life. How one who asks you to hate others can be a follower of god or Adi Sakti or Allah? when Adi Sakti flow through all and Allah has created all and everything is reflection of him, How Allah or Adi Sakti can expect you to hate his creation ? do not you see both words serve same purpose? Different people call me by different name. No doubt a lot of people love me. Do you think I should respond to only one name and is that possible????    🙂


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