Kashmir : Story Goes Much Deeper

 imgbaghdadi-kashmirI accept Indian government did not handle the Kashmir issue with maturity. And we all need to support them emotionally but all those people who are too supportive to Kashmir issue of separate nation have no Idea about Islam which starts after the west borders of India …. ABOUT Life of minorities and Siya Muslims in those nations.. they are not ready to understand that why only ISSI or Pakistani flag is shown in valley… Pakistan is a cancer to world and I wish Indians will not want a new territory to get totally infected. Kashmir still can be healed. Give them education , give them job , opportunity feeling of belongingness they are angry with India so more should be demanded for them and given to them. Policies to take away army from public areas should be worked on. But separating them would be like pushing them in complete darkness. Many people of Kashmir understand that but are afraid . India need to tackle those powers who are creating fear . India needs to work on its image in valley and army will not help you in that and you can not make them feel secure till Dadri will keep happening . But be careful they are not demanding Independent nation they are demanding a backyard to nurture terrorist to fight against you .you have already made one.By forcing out 5 lakhs native people you do not demand nation. The real people involved are those who have no nation they attack school in peshawar and hotel in Mumbaii. But when they will attack Mumbaii they will say they are fighting for Islamic people of India and in Peshawar they were doing it against America 😛 . They are crazy people , who just want to fight and rule on name of Islam and are jealous of happy societies  like India because there life is so empty ….. plz do not rune life of millions of Kashmiri’s by handling them to ISSI , give them rights they deserve remove those who are infecting valley with cancer ,I believe Indian culture has power to change there mind too ……. share if you believe Kashmir is integral part of India
,sharing will not reduce your coolness .

One thought on “Kashmir : Story Goes Much Deeper

  1. I agree. Well done.

    It has been over an year to the brutal Peshawar Army School Attack! Terrorism is responsible for the way today the common world looks at any Muslim brother. While common man needs to differentiate between Islam and Terrorism, terrorists themselves need a message. Violence is never an option. Click here
    to read “Terrorism, Islam and Common man”.
    Also share and comment your views on the topic.

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