Our very immature knowledge force us to look into things as black and white .For most of us situations are like a coin ,but life has colors beyond infinity.  so how situations can  be just two sided?

Hindu is more a geographical term and Hinduism is much about the way of living of people in that area.

when we say Hinduism first thing strike in mind of everyone is 33 crores gods and goddesses  but the very starting books about the way of living  which later come to be known as first religious books of Hinduism state that” god is one” 

“God teaches in the Veda “I, O men, lived before the whole universe came into being, I am Lord of all, I am the eternal cause of the whole creation. I am the source and giver of all wealth. Let all men look up to me alone as children do to their parents. I have appointed different foods and drinks for all creatures to give them sustenance so that they may live in happiness.” RIG VEDA 10: 48, 5.

“By One Supreme Ruler is this universe pervaded, even every world in the whole circle of nature, He is the true God. Know Him, O man! and covet not unjustly the wealth of any creature existing. Renounce all that is unjust and enjoy pure delight – true spiritual happiness – by the practice of justice and righteousness which is another name for true religion.YAJUR VEDA 40:1

And both are amazingly contradictory , are we worshiping wrong god ? or we are not follower of Hinduism ?


This is our that immature knowledge which forces us to see in this way .  Basically these 33 crores are those colors of god those diversities of god which are known to us like water, plant, stars, planets , air, wind  and oceans etc. and when it comes to human being its more abought thoughts , ideas , example they set and the path they have shown for search of ultimate truth “the internal satisfaction “.

God is not just an another word and how you could define something whose just one of among millions creation is you ( even use of word millions is objectionable here , who knows). So we do not  aim to define him with our shallow knowledge , we celebrate him in all his forms and people are free to select which form they want to celebrate .

Hinduism never say this is the only way and how it could its every god represent diversity in terms of achieving ultimate truth . the god can take any form to suppress the ego which will result in suffering of people/ nature .

I will say even after 33 crores many gods would have gone unnoticed because Hinduism does not say god in human form will show perfection it is still stuck with diversity theory. See god is every where don’t you say that ? so we too are forms of god and we represent diversity not perfection . Nothing can be labeled  as pure evil or pure good because there is scope for conditions which lead to that situation . Do you not think our current world problems are because we are trying to define evil or good on conditions and situations of past ? we just defined them as evil or good but forgot to put considerations .

A part of Ravan is evil not Ravan . In very last part of  Ramayan the lord Ram asked Laxman to go and learn some lessons from Ravan because his greatness was still admirable and we also burn his evil part on Dushara this approach can allow different people to get gold out of a debate. We pray to Ram as god and still question abandoning of Sita his wife to just satisfy the social view, in this world we can not justify that but it can not stop us from celebrating the goodness of lord Ram.

The basic concept of  Hinduism is that it does not say this is the only way, neither it allows you to define something perfect and develop a sense of superiority about your way of finding ultimate truth. It forces you to respect all the other ways. In short,  Hinduism is combination of lakhs of your so called religions . you are a follower of Hinduism only till you respect all the other ways of finding truth , paths of self realization until it does not hurt others , suppress others or disrespect others   .The only thing which bind us as follower of Hinduism is respect for diversity in all terms.


 Aghoris do something totally opposite of civilized Hinduism society but are followers of Hinduism because they do not say this is the only way.

But in present day scenario, most people in process of proving their Hinduism are more limited to following it for namesake and giving away the soul of the religion. 

 We need to learn and learn till we not stop seeing things as only black and white.




      1. You can try, the vedic age by RC majumdar, history of Ramayana n mahabharat by Saroj Bala, advita vedanta by Eliot, indian culture and Indias future by Michel danino, the yugas by Joshep selbie, bhagwat gita by parmahansa yoganand.


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