The Prime minister

19 February 2016
Subject :- To Save Division Of Nation

Respected sir,
I was worried after Dadri, not because angry or politically provoked mob killed a Muslim man for eating beef but because you were silent Mr Narender Damodardas Modi and after Patiala House Court incident and the way Delhi Police is reacting, I am afraid.

After what happened at JNU campus in night of 9th Feb I was full of anger but I was full of confidence that no one can break my nation but after Patiala House Court incident I am afraid that this nation can get divided and this democracy can get killed.

On JNU incident there was an anger because I am a proud Indian but the way your government is acting my proudness is hurt I am not angry I want to cry.

Some anti-national Act took place in JNU campus and basic support was provided by left wing students, which was an act of immaturity and they should have been punished but the way government responded was more immature .

sir, I am not from left wing and I have no political agenda. Like a normal Hindu I was cheering ban on beef even tough knowing government was doing wrong by forcing it( it was possible to achieve it trough social understanding and at least  counter measures regarding loss of employment , loss of food , pressure on poor farmers should have been considered before applying the ban).

Every government could have different definition of development and I respect you efforts. I support Make in India and even though I am unemployed from a year after finishing my B.tech ,I will say you are going great.

But what we Indians will do of Make In India if it will come on cost of disturbing social balance, on cost of gundagardi , on cost of criminalization , on cost of rejection of Democracy . What we will do of make in India if no India would be Left (in terms of society )

Sir , our scriptures says that a king is like father for his kingdom . you are elected king of this nation, tell me which father will want his family to fight so that  he can get more support in elections OR you have lost faith in Indian culture and this great civilization .please  behave like prime minister of India.

yours faithfully

unemployed Indian youth (but I have a voice )

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