Reality vs Greatness (JNU STORY)

In wish to become more human , more intellect and more great we can cross over that very line of practicality which is more important for survival of society than greatness of individuals And sometime in process of achieving that greatness   we also develop a sense of superiority and this combination of desire of greatness and sense of superiority can lead to devastating results like unbalance of society and nations getting ruined . The left wing of Indian students politics is also suffering from same problem. They are great human beings who in race of becoming great are not able to see depth of reality . for example they will have to understand the demand is not for independent nation of  Kashmir demand is for Islamic State of Kashmir .Everything does not become wrong because Right  Wing is doing that .Imagine If all of us become great enough and human enough  to stop fighting against ISSI  .Your greatness can not vanish danger from outside the nation.I Non of left wing students are anti national but strong action against them is that very practical reality which is important for survival of this very nation…. In last, If even after 68 years of independence if government can not secure food and a proper education system to most of Indians  and if it can be achieved on the gun point and you call them Naxal then I will  call myself  Naxal …….


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